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  2017 Hallowed Ground Calendar Ballparks Past & Present Baseball Calendar  
Our 2017 Hallowed Ground, Ballparks Past and Present 12 month (January '17-December '17) calendar. Featuring the Following Ballparks: Dodger Stadium, Sydney Cricket Grounds, Citi Field, Coliseum, Wrigley Field LA, Cominskey Park, Connie Mack Stadium, Yankee Stadium, Fenway Park and Candlestick Park; a Bill Williams Still Life and a "City Game" 2-page centerfold.
  All American Game  
Stars & Stripes. Bat, Ball and Glove. The All American Game.
  Made In America - Poster  
Stars, Stripes and baseball. Red, white and blue. The National Pastime. Published in conjunction with Ropes Baseball Apparel.
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Featured Prints
  Ken Griffey Jr Fifty-Three  
While Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa were duking it out in the National League, Junior was busy winning a second straight AL Home Run crown...
  Ken Griffey Jr Fifty-Four  
The 2nd youngest player to attain 300 home runs, Griffey moved to Cincinatti to start the 2000 season and brought with him the reputation of being one of the finest centerfielders and best hitters in the game.
  M's Do It!  
Mariner fans dreamed of a playoff series for 19 years. On October 8, 1995, that dream reached a pinnacle in the decisive game of the American League Division Series against the wild card New York Yankees. Defying the odds ever since they were 12 and a half games out of first place on August 15, the Western Division champion Mariners beat the odds again with two runs in the eighth inning to tie the game... Click on image for more info.
  Mike Piazza Fifty-Three  
There has never been a catcher who has hit like Mike, and he proved it again in '98. He was traded from the Dodgers to the Marlins in May, and then on to the Mets a week later.
  Twelfth at Augusta  
Perfectly framed by the natural beauty of eastern Georgia, the 12th hole at Augusta National Golf Club may be the most famous par-3 in the world. Smack in the middle of what is known as Amen Corner, this short, but extremely difficult, hole almost inevitably plays a key role. (For more information, please click on image.)
  Comiskey Twilight Diptych  
It's August 16, 1988, a mid-summer night's dream on the South Side of Chicago -- the White Sox playing a ballgame in now-gone Comiskey Park. (For more information, please click on image.)
  Camden Yards Matinee  
Baltimore is sun-drenched. Memories of a wicked winter are beginning to fade. Baseball is back, and Camden Yards - two years and three days old - never looked better. It's Saturday, April 9, 1994, and the Orioles are entertaining the red-clad Texas Rangers. As usual, the ballpark is packed. From your lofty perch on the third base side, you can see it all: the old Ohio Railroad warehouse in right and the city skyline in left. The sights and sounds and smells of spring are back!
  Mariners Playoff Payoff  
The slogan for the 1995 Seattle Mariners was "Refuse to Lose", and as if to put an exclamation point to it, here was their ace, Randy Johnson, on for his first relief appearance in over two years. The mission? Stop the Yankees in their first post-season appearance in 14 years. (For more information, please click on image.)
  Let's Play Two  
It's May 12, 1970, at Wrigley Field in Chicago, and 39-year-old Ernie Banks, Mr. Cub, has just cracked the 500th home run of his magnificent Hall of Fame career. The blast, which lands two rows up in the left field bleachers and caroms back onto the field... please click on image for more info
  Major Sports Montage  
They're like long-lost friends. These treasured articles of sports. Oh, how they can be missed. Just wander the aisles of a sporting goods store sometime. And don't touch.
  Phillies New Ballpark  
THE ORIGINAL OIL PAINTING OF "PHILLIES NEW BALLPARK" 36" x 54" IS AVAILABLE. The new home of the Philadelphia Phillies, Citizens Bank Park, opened in 2004 and appears poised to continue the tradition of winning in Philly. Please click on image for more info.
  Portrait of Mantle  
From 1951, when he hit .267 as a 19-year-old Yankee rookie from Oklahoma, through 1968, when he belted the last of his 536 career home runs, Mickey Mantle captured the imagination of a generation. A three-time Most Valuable Player, Mantle won the Triple Crown in 1956...
  Rebirth in Cincinnati  
After appearing as the visiting team at the openings of the National Leagues last 2 new stadiums, PNC Park in Pittsburgh and Miller Field in Milwaukee, baseballs oldest professional franchise, the Cincinnati Reds, opened their own new ballpark March 31st, 2003, in front of a crowd of 42,343.
  Recalling the Game  
Three scuffed baseballs. A catcher's mitt. And a well-worn wooden bench. Play ball!!! (For more information, please click on image.)
  Seventh at Pebble  
Pretty, isn't it? And tranquil, right? The 107-yard par-3 seventh hole at California's spectacular Pebble Beach Golf Links looks like a slice of heaven on earth. And it is - unless the wind's blowing, which it almost always is. Then we're talking sheer hell...
  Vintage Fenway Flannel  
Just pretend... It's the summer of 1941. It's an off day for the Red Sox, and you suddenly find yourself inside the team's clubhouse at Fenway Park. It's so quiet you can hear your heart pounding. Despite the dim light, freshly laundered, snow white uniforms with red trim sparkle everywhere...
  Yankees at Mets (1998)  
An overflowing crowd at Shea Stadium on an 80 degree summer evening - June 26, 1998 . . . the Yankees in first place, the Mets in second, interleague play in its second season - these games count, folks - is this a preview of New York's first subway series in 42 years? (For more information, please click on image.)
  Yankees Classic Lineup  
The 2000 New York Yankees won their fourth World Series in five years under Joe Torre, but this time around, it took a veteran team, rising to the occasion, to fly through the post-season with their now accustomed finesse. The team did not play as well as they had in previous seasons, but knew how to win when the money was on the line... please click on image for more info

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