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Vintage National League Ballparks

Vintage NL Ballparks, poster

Vintage NL Ballparks, poster

Growing up in Philadelphia in the 1950s as a pre-teen, I only had a chance to go to one of these ballparks, Connie Mack Stadium (aka Shibe Park). I must have gone 100 times, always trying see Robin Roberts pitch.   The other big issue was who was in the starring cast of the road team.

I think I must have seen all of the stars of the day.   The big question was, “Who is going to beat the Phillies this time?”  I remember thinking, “Oh no, not Stan Musial again.” …or Willie Mays, or Duke Snider.  Being the oldest of 10 grandchildren, my wise grandmother figured the way to her grandchildren’s heart could be through baseball, and the 2 of us went together all the time.

And as much as we loved the Phillies, it was always a thrill to see Roberto Clemente, Ernie Banks or Henry Aaron come to town.  It was a great time to love baseball, and little did I know at the time I would have a career publishing ballpark art. -Bill Goff

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