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World Series moves back to New York

The Lee brothers, Cliff and Ut of  Phil Lee’s branch of the family help the Phightins to  take games one and 5 of the World Series! But before game 5, a Philadelphia paper erroneously(?) ran an ad congratulating the Phils for back to back World Championships.  I am hoping it was prescient.

As a life long Philadelphia Phillies fan, it couldn’t be more gratifying that the cosmic tumblers might be clicking once again. I don’ think I’ve ever seen better clubhouse chemistry than with the 2009 Phils.

As a four year old, I first became aware of Phillies fever in 1950 when the Whiz Kids won the pennant. Let me jump off for a second here.  The New Phillies could easily be called the Biz Kids as they always seem to take care of business;  or maybe the Fizz Kids because they are popping a lot of champagne; or maybe the Sizz Kids because of the sizzle in their bats and arms.  But enough of that. I have no specific memories of the 1950 season, but I remember vividly how disappointed I was 2 years later when my father came home with 2 tickets for the 1952 All-Star Game at Shibe Park (soon to be renamed Connie Mack Stadium)

Connie Mack Stadium
Connie Mack Stadium

and informed me that my mother, not at all a baseball fan, was going with him, not me. To this day I do not understand.

The Yankees swept the Phillies 4-0 in the 1950 World Series and I am hoping for a little payback– after 59 years. But first the Yankees put away the Angels, no easy task.  I am a bit conflicted.  As a marketer of NY Yankees lithographs, I want them to succeed. I certainly hoped they beat the Angels.  When they get to the team of my childhood, loyalty trumps avarice. -Bill Goff

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